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A lightweight extension for record and playback
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Dedicated to advancing businesses at all sizes, Katalon are trusted by 65K+ companies in 165+ countries.
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To provide the community with a comprehensive hub about everything test automation, Katalon learning resources comprise various contents, ranging from hands-on practices to useful guidelines.
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Katalon provides various work-from-home materials for the testing community, helping balance between teams’ safety and productivity.
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Gathering insights from 5,000+ global professionals, the report is a comprehensive summary of the 2020 automation landscape, plus notable trends and anticipated innovations in 2021.
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Best Test Automation Software of 2020
Capterra’s Top Automated Testing Software
Top 10 Automated Testing Software
Top 5 API Testing Tools Solutions in 2020
In 2021, we will concentrate on developing a systematic solution orchestration, combining our current products with brand-new solutions. Together, it’s our goal to help you obtain a better testing flow.
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