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Free. Robust. Cross-platform.

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Simple Deployment

All frameworks, ALM integrations, and plugins are included in a single package for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Easy to Use

Friendly UI for users to quickly create, execute, and maintain tests. Minimum programming skill required. Sample projects to start in no time.

Full Feature Set

All functionalities ready for Web, API, and mobile automation. Extend and customize testing features with plugins from Katalon Store.

Active Community

Automation testers from 160 countries with YouTube channels, GitHub repositories, and Udemy courses dedicated for Katalon Studio.

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Why is Katalon Studio free?

We are grateful that in today’s tech landscape, there are many excellent applications—either as open source or freeware—available for free. Our team believe that test automation is an essential part of creating great software; so we initially developed Katalon Studio as a tool for ourselves. Until now, it has been widely adopted by the global testing community.
We are committed to having a free version of Katalon Studio available to the community at all time as an appreciation for all the free software that we get to use.
So be confident that you can use Katalon Studio now and into the foreseeable future—for free.
Vu Lam - CEO
Automation is easy!
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