Q: How is Katalon Studio different from Selenium or Appium?
Katalon Studio is a complete automation toolset for web and mobile applications. Katalon Studio has keywords and execution engines that are built on top of the Selenium and Appium web drivers. By this, Katalon Studio eliminates substantial amount of effort required to install and configure additional test frameworks, reporting and supporting applications in order to use Selenium and Appium.
Katalon Studio enhances Selenium and Appium frameworks with the capability to control active browser sections, the object spy utility, the browser plugins and other additional features to handle multiple Operating Systems' behaviors. Katalon Studio is also equipped with the scripts editor and debugging capabilities. Team collaboration is supported with the objects and data management and reporting features.
Q: Why should I choose Katalon Studio instead of other open-source frameworks?
The short answer is that Katalon Studio saves you time and eliminates obstacles to your applying test automation. Katalon Studio has all necessary components bundled together for test automation and works seamlessly for automation scripting and execution with minimal setup efforts needed.
Katalon Studio has its engines built on top of the most popular test automation frameworks Selenium and Appium. And thus, it takes all advantages of these open-source automation frameworks while provides advanced capabilities for automation recording, scripting, executing, and managing. Instead of spending your valuable time on installing and configuring a number of components and frameworks for testing your apps automatically, you now concentrate on creating and executing test cases with Katalon Studio.
Q: What is Katalon Studio's scripting language?
Katalon Studio uses Apache Groovy, a scripting language for the Java platform. Groovy is a powerful dynamic language, which is ideal for creating test scripts.
For test execution, Java libraries and Java compatible languages like JRuby and Jython are supported.
Q: Does Katalon Studio support plugins or external libraries?
Yes, Katalon Studio supports Java code/libraries to build custom keywords. Refer to How to create a Custom Keyword and How to import a Java library for more detail.
Q: Can I import my Selenium scripts into Katalon Studio?
Yes, you can add Selenium test scripts written in Java to support Custom Keyword in Katalon Studio. Other languages are not supported at the moment but we will provide a migration tool in the near future.
Q: Will this work with my CI?
Yes, Katalon Studio has a non-GUI mode as a command-line interface. You can export the commands with supported parameters from Katalon Studio to be used in CI systems such as Jenkins, Bamboo, and Teamcity.
Q: Can Katalon Studio be integrated with a test management system?
Yes, Katalon Studio supports the built-in integration with qTest, a powerful and easy-to-use test management system.
Q: Can I perform distributed testing?
No, you cannot. At the moment Katalon Studio does not support distributed testing but, in the future, we will provide an execution system for managing, scheduling, and maintaining distributed executions.
Q: I'm looking for a certain feature. How can I find out if Katalon Studio has it?
Our documentation contains many solutions to common problems.
If you can’t find what you are looking for please submit your feature request via our support channel.
Q: Can I handle the execution flow in case of failure?
You can specify the default behavior of Test Case execution, whether it will continue when a failure occurs or not, by going to Project > Settings > Test Case. Refer to Failure handling for more detail.

Q: Do I need to install any automation test frameworks like TestNG or Junit for Katalon Studio to work?
No, Katalon Studio is a complete framework that does not require any other frameworks to work. You do not have to spend your valuable time installing various frameworks for test automation.
Q: Which platforms / OS does Katalon Studio support? Does Katalon Studio support Linux?
Katalon officially supports Windows 32 and 64 (7,8, and 10) and OS X 10.5+ , and unofficially supports Linux (Ubuntu 9+, Fedora 12+).
Q: What are the system requirements?
Below are the minimum software and hardware requirements for Katalon Studion:
Processor: 1 GHz, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
Disk Space: 1 GB available hard disk space
Java Version: JDK 7
Q: How do I setup the environment for mobile testing?
For mobile testing, you need to do the following:
  • Install Node.js and Appium. If you are testing iOS apps, you also need to have XCode installed.
  • Enable the USB debugging mode on your device.
For further detailed instructions, please refer to Installation and Setup guide.
Q: Some features on my website need some time to load. How do I address this?
Katalon Studio has several keywords to address this situation comprehensively. You can either use the Delay keyword if you know the exact timeout or leverage “Wait For …” keywords such as Wait For Page Load and Wait For Element Visible.

For more information on how to address this issue, refer to Solving common automation problems using Katalon Studio.
Q: How do I deal with objects that can’t be handled by Katalon Studio?
There are situations in which Katalon Studio cannot interact with certain objects in AUT. These objects may be from iframes, Single Page Apps or front-end technologies that Katalon does not currently support.

In such cases, users can work around by using the images comparison approach. You can use the Built-in Keyword Verify Image Present to validate the objects that cannot be interacted.
Q: How long will Katalon Studio be free?
Katalon Studio's Community Edition will remain free. If you need more advanced support, please contact us for prioritized support services offered to business users.
Q: I can't activate my Katalon Studio
Before downloading, you register an account. Please use this account while activating Katalon Studio. If you have not registered an account yet, you can do so from here.
Internet connection is required to activate Katalon Studio. So, make sure you are connected to the Internet while activating Katalon Studio.
For further help, please feel free to submit a support ticket. We will resolve it promptly.
Q: How can I get help?
There are a number of ways you can get help quickly. You may start by accessing to Katalon Studio Documentation for FAQ, How-to articles, and User Guides.
You may also request for help from other users in our Community or Submit a support ticket.
Q: Do you offer test automation services?
Yes, we do. KMS Technology, the original developer of Katalon Studio, has a strong testing services team that provides automated testing services for your projects. Please contact KMS Technology for further information.