Use and Manage Katalon Licenses
Is offline Node-locked license transferable?
Only online licenses are transferable. Offline licenses cannot be transferred until expired (60 days).
How to grant online licenses?
The very first step needed to complete is to invite team members to the organization (Just Owner or Admin can invite team members) → Add them to the Registered Users list in the Katalon TestOps. Once added, the administrator can assign a Katalon license to any team member, or withdraw a license if no longer needed.
How to create an offline license?
Team members send their Machine ID to the Owner / Admin → The Owner / Admin create and send back offline licenses. For more details, please refer to the page
How to subscribe to the licenses and manage the subscription?
  • Katalon Licenses are purchased and managed via Organizations in Katalon TestOps
  • Your subscription will automatically renew on the specified day included in your Order Summary email. You will not be charged if you cancel your subscription prior to that day.
  • For more details, please refer to this page
Does a Katalon Studio Enterprise license include a Katalon TestOps license?
A Katalon Studio Enterprise license only includes features, functionalities, and services that belong to the Katalon Studio Enterprise version and does not include a license for Katalon TestOps. However, you can try the beta version of Katalon TestOps for free until its official release, which will be announced in the future.
How do I know when my paid subscription ends?
If you aren't sure when your paid subscription is due to expire or renew, you can look at your Katalon Studio, go to About windows and see the expiration date.
How to cancel the renewal of your subscriptions?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. This action will turn-off auto-renewal of your subscription on the next billing date. After the cancelation, the subscription remains active until its next billing date. On that date, its status becomes terminated. Please review these instructions for more information.
Katalon Trial and Free Plans
How is Katalon Trial different from Free Plans?
Valid email registration is eligible for a 30-day trial of both Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine's floating licenses. The trial licenses are automatically generated and activated when you first log into the Katalon Studio application. Each trial license can be activated on only one machine at a time. When your trial period expires, you need to subscribe to the paid license of each product to continue using it. Otherwise, the Katalon Studio free license will be automatically activated. The free license granted for each Katalon account only includes the standard Katalon Studio with starter features. Currently, the free license for Katalon Runtime Engine is not available. If you wish to execute Katalon Studio in console mode, you need to subscribe to a Katalon Runtime Engine license. You can upgrade the free Katalon Studio to Katalon Studio Enterprise with a paid license without having to re-download.
Katalon Studio Enterprise
How can Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) be set up in a Private Network?
There are 4 domains of Katalon must be registered in whitelist 
    • Store.katalon.com
    • Update.katalon.com
    • Analytics.katalon.com
    • Testops.katalon.com
How is Katalon Studio Enterprise different from Katalon Studio?
Both Katalon Studio (KS) and Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) are two offerings of the Katalon Studio software. KS is the free offering for basic and individual use. KSE is the paid license for teams and professionals to implement scalable projects. For more details, refer to our brochure.
How many Katalon Studio Enterprise licenses should I acquire for my team?
In a basic scenario, the number of subscribed licenses should be equal to the number of automation engineers in your team. A Katalon Studio Enterprise subscription requires internet connection for activation and validation.
    • One license is exclusively assigned to one single user.
    • One license can be activated and used on one machine at a time.
    • You may transfer a Katalon Studio Enterprise license to a new Katalon account.
For contractors, rotating employees, or projects with episodic tasks, we recommend you subscribe to our monthly Katalon Studio Enterprise licenses to best optimize your project’s budget.
How do I use Katalon Studio Enterprise in an offline environment?
Only annual licenses of Katalon Studio Enterprise can be converted to offline licenses. Once converted, the license can no longer be revoked or transferred to a different machine. The offline license will expire in two (2) months or at the end of the subscription term, if that happens earlier.
Cannot activate Katalon Studio with Proxy
First thing you need to do is to whitelist wildcard Katalon domain (*.katalon.com). If you see the error: "Cannot connect to Katalon TestOps server. Please recheck your Internet connection and try again. " or "Unauthorized" , then most likely you would need to configure proxy in the Activation Dialog. Use Manual Proxy Configuration rather than System Proxy or No Proxy.
How to revert an offline license to an online license
You can't. An online license, once converted to an offline license, will take away a license and bind to a machine until either the license is expired or 60 days have gone by. An offline license cannot be reverted back to an online license before either of the two conditions is met. For resource allocating reasons, we will not revert it back for you.
How to have screenshots and videos in reports?
If you want to have screenshots or videos in reports you can configure from Project Settings → Report → Check 2 options Take Screenshot when execution failed or Enable Video Recorder during execution.
How to have reports in HTML, CSV or PDF types?
If you want to have more file types such as HTML, CSV, PDF you can use the Basic Report plugin from Store Page. These file types can be selected from Project Settings → Plugins → Report.
Which platforms does Katalon support for Desktop Testing?
Katalon Studio fully supports automation tests for desktop apps written in the following platforms: Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Classic Windows (Win32). Others are not officially supported.
Katalon Runtime Engine
How to activate the Katalon Runtime Engine Licenses?
Before assigning a license, the organization Owner/Admin must add the team member(s) to the organization in the Katalon TestOps. Once added, the Admin can assign a Katalon license to any team member, or withdraw a license if no longer needed. Any members of an Organization can use the Katalon Runtime Engine online licenses that the Organization has purchased. Users need API Keys to activate an online RE license.
Which kind of Katalon Products supports executing tests through the Command Line?
  • Only Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) as a test execution add-on of Katalon Studio can help with executing tests via the console mode and/or command line interface (CLI).
How to install Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE)?
Log in to your Katalon account on the Katalon website Select the compatible version of Katalon Runtime Engine with your operating system and download Unzip the package and move to the preferred directory to execute automation tests.
How to generate a command to run a test suite from the command line?
From KS / KSE, click on the “Build CMD” icon. Must wait until the value of Katalon API Key is shown, then click on “Generate Command” button. Also, click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy and paste this command into the command line.
How to get API Key?
From the Katalon TestOps account, go to the API Key Section and click on the Create API Key button. For more information, please refer to this page
Cannot use a Node-locked Runtime Engine license on Docker/AWS
You can't. A Node-Locked Runtime Engine can only be used to execute tests on machines with fixed hardware specifications. You will need DevOps RE license to execute test on dynamic AWS, Docker or Azure DevOps platforms
Cannot use a DevOps Runtime Engine license on (virtual/physical) machines with fixed hardware specification
You can't. A DevOps Runtime Engine can only be used to execute tests on machines with dynamic hardware specifications. It needs a Node-locked RE license to execute tests on physical or virtual machines with fixed hardware specifications. Please note a virtual machine does not necessarily have dynamic hardware specifications, virtual machines that are created and destroyed often do meet such criteria.
Cannot use DevOps Runtime Engine license on Docker
If you are using a DevOps Runtime Engine to execute tests with our Katalon Docker image, please make sure to use the latest Docker image, because bug fixes are always included in the latest image.
Cannot activate Runtime Engine with Proxy
First thing you need to do is to whitelist wildcard Katalon domain (*.katalon.com). Then make sure the necessary proxy arguments are included in the command line. Use MANUAL_CONFIG for proxy option, and make sure the credentials are correct. Avoid copying from another text editor because it may contain invisible/invalid characters that do not get recognized by Katalon.
How to activate KRE Licenses?
  • Users need to be added to the Organization first. Please refer to this guide
  • To execute tests through the command line, users have to insert their API key into the command.
  • To get the API key information, please access this URL
Which options need to be in a command to execute tests with KRE licenses?
Please refer to this link for more information.
Katalon Store and Plugins
Where does Katalon store plugins and How to install them?
  • All of the available plugins are stored in Katalon Store
  • Download one of plugins from its Changelog page → (Create a folder named "Platform" inside <project folder>/Plugins in case of Katalon Studio Plugin) → Unzip the downloaded plugin package and move it to the “Plugin” (or “Platform” folder in case of Katalon Studio Plugin ) folder → Reload the plugin by clicking on the profile icon from KS / KSE at the top-right side and select Reload plugin
Security Questions
How does Katalon Studio collect/store the data?
Katalon Studio does not collect, store, nor transmit any Test execution results. Katalon Studio only collects data from crashes/bugs and usage frequency for internal KPI reports and enhancements. All Test resources including Test cases, Test data, Test Reports, App Configuration, etc, are saved locally. The user has the freedom to keep these Test artifacts private or share among team members via GIt Integration.
What are the security protocols in place?
App configurations and credential data will be encrypted by PBE with SHA1 and DESede.
What port does Katalon Studio use to communicate with external resources?
Katalon Studio is a Desktop application and has connections to ALM integration servers such as JIRA, qTest, Slack, CI, etc. whose the security protocols are configured by the users. For update checking/ bugs reporting Katalon Studio uses port 443.
How can I remove/change my Katalon account information?
You can change your name, password or remove your account via the Account profile page.
Other Generic FAQs
How to migrate your current (Selenium / TestNG/ JUnit) project to Katalon Studio?
This feature is available in version 7.4.0+. By migrating test scripts from Selenium and TestNG/JUnit to Katalon Studio, you don't have to start everything from scratch. You can reuse your test cases and enjoy Katalon features to execute and maintain them. For more details, please refer to the page
How to submit a help desk ticket?
After purchasing licenses of KSE or KRE, members who are invited to organizations and assigned licenses to run tests can create tickets on help desk.  The tickets will be created from https://www.katalon.com/ with the following steps:
  • Log in with a registered account
  • Hover on the Support tab
  • Select the Help Center
  • Click on Submit a Ticket button from the Enterprise Support box
  • Click on Submit a request hyperlink on the right top corner of the page
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