Katalon Recorder and Selenium IDE are two of the most popular solutions for browser automation. Take a look at this page to understand why our 500,000+ users place their trust in Katalon Recorder over Selenium IDE.
Why Katalon Recorder?
Fast time-to-value
Katalon Recorder allows users to start recording and executing test cases in no time. Save time from repetitive project creation and URL specification, which is a little tedious with Selenium IDE.
Integration between manual and automated efforts
Sometimes it's necessary to have a workflow with both manual and automated steps. In these cases, Selenium isn't a good fit, but Katalon Recorder allows you to execute a series of mixed automated and manual tests on the same tab.
An easy way to manage tests
Not integrating with any test management system, Selenium IDE does not provide a centralized test report portal for review and further collaboration with other members. Fortunately, the built-in integration between Katalon Recorder and Katalon TestOps allows users to manage and share their test results easily, powered by well-designed charts out of the box.
Product improvement and support
Selenium IDE does not have a dedicated development team, so there's no clear product roadmap, and documentation and support can be lacking. On the other hand, Katalon Recorder is built by Katalon — a leading quality assurance platform in the market. It is released stably and gained many added values from other Katalon solution integration.
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