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Test generation Programming-based Record & Playback and GUI
Event listeners for debugging
Parallel and sequential execution support
Faster test design with keyword-driven and data-driven testing
Built-in analytics and a reporting system
Behavior-driven development (BDD)
Self-healing and wait capabilities
Native CI/CD tools integrations with Jenkins, Azure DevOps, CircleCI and more
Katalon Studio vs. Selenium
An expert’s comparison
Programming Expertise
Selenium requires QAs to be experienced with at least one language like Java to start.
Studio is wrapped in an intuitive UI with more robust and unique functionalities.
Productivity & Scalability
Selenium’s steep learning curve hinders teams with different expertise to adopt.
Studio's features are designed for all levels and team sizes to start automation fast.
Maintenance & Reusability
Selenium's tests often fail due to dynamic element locators.
Studio has multiple locator strategies and data-driven testing support.
Reports & Analytics
Selenium does not have a native reporting facility.
Studio's built-in reporting platform visualizes insights and trends of all test runs.
An All-In-One Tool
Selenium has 3 separate tools to work with: Selenium IDE, WebDriver and Grid.
Studio is a whole automation package with minimal setup to do.
Technical Support
Selenium users must only rely on community support.
Studio is supported by a dedicated team, hands-on tutorials and 850,000 users.
What our customers are saying
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