Automation Testing Presence & Future | Landscape Report 2020

[Video] Automation Testing Presence & Future | Test Landscape Report 2020

[Video 1] Automation Testing Presence & Future

[Video 2] Automation Testing Tools Landscape

Amid the turbulences in 2020, the state of test automation evolves more than ever. To assess the full landscape, the Katalon team conducted a comprehensive report, “Test Automation Landscape Report 2020”. Based on 5,000+ professionals working in various industries, the report provides insights on test automation trends, best practices, and a testing team’s primary challenges. With these insights, the testing community can formulate data-driven strategies and create innovative testing solutions.

The insights are classified into 3 categories:

  • Current facts and trends that illustrate the continued adoption of test automation and why companies are accelerating adoption out of necessity.
  • Different teams’ approaches to automation testing, deciding factors, and how they influence teams when choosing testing tools.
  • Future advancements (i.e. new techniques and approaches) that many users are anticipating improve their testing experience and help them stay competitive.

For your convenience, we break down this report into 2 short videos. While the first one illustrates the presence and future of the automation testing industry, the second video condenses insights from the automation testing tool markets and the factors that influence one’s tools selection process.

Download our Test Automation Landscape in 2020 Report for a complete analysis of the industry!

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