How to setup the integration with GIT

Collaboration can be a challenge for automation teams, especially when they work on both manual and automated testing activities and share many test artifacts simultaneously with development teams. Katalon Studio supports integration with Git to help addressing this concern. This tutorial details basic steps to set-up integration with Git from Katalon Studio.

Steps to enable Git integration:

1. Enable Git Integration. In order to access all Git features, you need to enable Git Integration first by going to Window > Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Git. Once this option is enabled, you can use Git from the Katalon Studio main toolbar.

Katalon Studio integration with Git

2. Advanced configurations are available from Window > Preferences > Team > Git in case you want more detailed setups.

Advanced integration Katalon Studio & Git

After enabling Git integration, you can perform Git commands such as sharing and cloning projects, committing changes, and managing branches. Refer to the following Katalon Studio guidelines for details regarding all supported Git commands:

Issue with SSL verification:

If your network cannot access the repository, there may be a chance that it is not allowed by SSL verification from your connecting network. You can use the following command in your Git bash to bypass SSL verification:

git config --global http.sslVerify false

Click here to learn more about Git.

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