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Why 100,000+ Selenium Users Switched to Katalon Studio
  • Helps out manual testers and beginners
  • Shortens the tool adoption time
  • Relieves maintenance headaches
  • Eases scaling for growing projects
  • Provides a native reporting system
Create tests quickly and easily with keyword-driven testing and a user-friendly UI
Difficult to adopt and use for those without a strong programming background
Members can make use of a made-ready framework and focus on the right tasks
Lengthens onboarding processes with different coding styles and expertise
Faster maintenance with self-healing mechanisms and various locator strategies
Adds excessive work to fixing flaky, fragile and false-positive tests
Better reusability with the page-object model design and data-driven testing
Slows down the workflow as the volume of test cases build up over time
A native system to visualize test results and make insights-driven next steps
Extra time for complex configurations with third-party reporting tools
Migrate Your Selenium Projects in 3 Steps
Unlike most Selenium alternatives, Katalon Studio leaves no legacy scripts wasted and centralizes all of your progress into one comprehensive tool.
Step 1
Copy your Selenium source code into a new project
Step 2
Create a test case with TestNG keywords
Step 3
Run your test case
The Selenium alternative
that makes a difference.
Key Resultswith Katalon Studio
Around 8000 of our Selenium test cases have successfully migrated and centralized into Katalon Studio. Me and my team started automation with Selenium 1.0 and were very happy to have not lost any of our work.
David Dicocco, Senior Software Engineer
Zero effort wasted
Key Resultswith Katalon Studio
Our team was able to reduce the time to create automated test scripts from 7 months to only 4 with Katalon Studio. The switch from Selenium has allowed us to spend less time on building and fixing the framework, but more into building the actual test cases.
Dhicy Ramdhani, QA Engineer
Hundreds of hours saved
Key Resultswith Katalon Studio
Easy to learn, develop and maintain compared to Selenium. Depending on free resources was good in the short-term and could be overwhelming later on. Katalon Studio is easier to pick up. And, monthly releases for bug fixes with monthly releases instead of yearly with Selenium is a plus.
Srinivas J., Junior Software Developer
Monthly releases for bug fixes
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