Seamlessly integrate with existing CI systems such as Jenkins, TeamCity with execution command line.
Easily integrate with cloud CI tools such as CircleCI, Travis CI using pre-built Docker images.
Easily track requirement coverage with test case status in Jira. Integrate at requirement and defect levels. Support BDD standard.
Stay updated and get real-time notification of test execution status with Slack/Katalon Studio integration.
Katalon Studio for Bamboo plugin enables you to download, deploy and execute Katalon Studio tests on Bamboo CI server automatically.
Synchronize tests, map test cases, and update test execution results in real time between Katalon Studio and TestRail.
Leverage SauceLabs cloud to ensure your applications work flawlessly on multiple browsers and mobile devices.
Perform test automation on real-device testing with BrowserStack.
Enhance productive collaboration among your team members with built-in Git integration.
Run automation tests on multiple tests across different browsers and operating systems.
Execute your mobile and Web UI tests from not only local machines and emulators, but also cloud services.
Empower Katalon's test requirements, test case planning and defect management with qTest integration.


Test Case Recording

Generate automated test cases on any modern browsers and mobile OSs using Katalon Recording Utility.

Keyword-Driven Testing

Katalon Studio is prebuilt with hundreds of keywords that cover all Web, mobile and API testing.

Cross-browser Testing

Test suites can be configured to run on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge and Headless browsers.

Parallel Execution

Test suites can be executed on multiple browsers or devices - locally or via cloud services such as SauceLabs, BrowserStack
and Kobiton.

API Testing

Supports REST and SOAP with Katalon Studio functional automation to perform end-to-end testing.

Data-driven Testing

Support dynamic datasource via CSV, Excel and DBs or using Katalon Studio test data management.

TDD/BDD Testing

Compose any Feature File using JIRA add-on and sync to Katalon Studio to automate the scenario easily.

Extension & Customization

Build custom keywords or import external libraries (Sikuli, Galen) to extend the framework capability.

SDLC Integration

Native integration with Git, qTest Manager, JIRA, Slack and emails lets you embed Katalon Studio into project workflows.

Advanced Reports

Get complete historical and quality reports from Katalon Analytics. Export execution results into multiple formats.


Execution result includes detailed logs, screenshots and videos.

CI Integration

Katalon Studio supports command line interface to integrate
with Jenkins.

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
macOS 10.11+
Beta Linux Support (Ubuntu tested)
Google Chrome 58+
Firefox 56+
Safari 5.1+ on Windows and 9 to 11 on MacOS
Internet Explorer 9 to 11
Most current Microsoft Edge
Android 6.x and 7.x
iOS version 9 to 11
Headless browsers
Cloud Services
Automation is easy!
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