Improved Workflow

Eliminate bottlenecks and friction in all processes to ensure consistency and accuracy for your builds.

Streamlined DevOps

Standardize manual processes, remove complexities and enhance coordination in your DevOps pipeline.

Actionable Insights

Deliver better product quality with data-based strategies and spend less time digesting endless log files.

Orchestrate Tests & DevOps efficiently. Release faster.
Test Management
Centralize everything. Get visibility. Enhance collaboration
Manage all your requirements, tests, and defects in one place.
Give your team full visibility, and stay on the same page with comments, dashboards, KPI tracking, and results analysis that’s actionable.
Get organized. Focus on the right tests
Map project requirements and milestones to specific test cases.
Create Test Suites to package tests together, even across different frameworks and environments.
Test Planning
Maximize resources and drive ROI
Effective planning mechanism to maximize server usage, improve environment coverage, and ultimately increase your ROI.
Plan, prioritize efficiently with smart scheduling
TestOps smartly prioritizes the essential tests, so that you can optimize your test cycle while maintaining high quality.
Evaluate release readiness
Analyze the quality of your releases and evaluate readiness.
When your development team deploys your software, TestOps helps you do it with confidence.
Test Execution

Streamlined, serverless solution

TestOps handles all your execution infrastructure and scalability. Skip the deployment and maintenance steps to make more room for innovation.

Automatic load balancing to reduce run time

TestOps automatically balances your Test Runs across available Test Environments in your CI provider to drastically reduce your run times.

Parallel execution to speed up as you grow

Execute on multiple devices at once to easily scale your execution processes, improve test coverage, and shorten the delivery cycle.
Build Quality Insights into Your CI/CD Pipeline
Advanced Reports

Get the full picture on quality

Leverage out-of-the-box reports for quality, coverage analysis, test flakiness, and dashboards to report on the metrics that matter most to your business.

Understand failures ASAP

Automatically detect assertions in each Test Case.
Look at rich execution reports with HAR files, videos, screenshots, execution logs, error messages, and accessibility artifacts to get a clear understanding of issues.

Streamline result collection and analysis

TestOps’ robust failure analysis and reporting capabilities work across any framework you use, not just Katalon.
Monitoring and Alerts

Real-time data tracking for fast, accurate debugging

View full reports on execution logs and screens during the running process. Quickly, easily detect the root causes of any rising issues.

Make decisions faster with live monitoring

Instant feedback on codes, test scripts and application quality to help you make adjustments in tough situations.

Customizable alerts for full control

Get notifications under your defined conditions and thresholds. Manage your systems without undergoing continuous follow-ups.
Seamlessly Integrate Your Ecosystem
Testing Frameworks
We built TestOps with Katalon Studio and Katalon Recorder in mind, but you can easily integrate with other frameworks too, no coding required: (coming soon) TestNG, JUnit, Jest, Mocha, Jasmine.
CI / CD Tools

Integrations with top CI tools

Trigger orchestration via Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps. Your pipeline is manageable in both Katalon and CI tools.
Test Environments
Project Management, Requirements, Collaboration

Jira Integration

Empower Agile teams with continuous releases, requirement and test case sync-up. Execution results and defects are automatically submitted to Jira to get constant feedback.

Slack Integration

Push test results notifications to Slack. Notifications link back to Katalon TestOps for detailed analysis - so that you can repair incidents as soon as possible.
Custom Integrations with SDK & REST APIs
Supercharge team productivity by performing core features from outside the Katalon TestOps UI. Trigger executions from another tool or share test results into an external dashboard.
Your automation journey starts here.