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Katalon Studio Standard Web Training
Katalon Standard Web Training helps you master the fundamental to advanced expertise of test automation in Katalon Studio.
At the end of this training, you will gain in-depth understanding of automated web testing and be well-positioned to impress your clients, teams, or recruiters with Katalon Studio automation skills.
$ 8,000
16-hour live online training (4 days – 4 hours/day)
Up-to-date Katalon Studio best practices
10 entrants
Accessible training notes and recordings
Hands-on assignments, real-time discussions, and follow-ups with instructor
Post-training certifications
Supplemental courses
API testing
4 hours
+$ 3,000
Mobile testing
4 hours
+$ 3,000
Jira, Git & Jenkins
4 hours
+$ 3,000
Standard Web Training
$ 8,000
For onsite training details,
contact Sales.
What you will learn?
Leveraging Katalon Studio to create automation projects and generate various reports types
Scaling projects with the Scripting feature, custom keywords, and Katalon plugins
Using the Spy Web Object and Recording Test features to simplify automation processes
Writing optimized, reusable test cases and project structures
BDD testing in Katalon Studio – definitions and examples
Conditionals, parameter-driven testing, and data-driven testing
Shortcuts, tips, and tricks from Katalon experts
Advanced features for API testing, mobile testing, and integrations with Jira, Git, Jenkins (applied for supplemental courses)
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