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Test Automation Best Practices: Reuse Test Artifacts and Utilize API

Welcome to Katalon’s latest webinar series Test Automation Best Practices”! This brand new series is a chance for you to join the conversation with Katalon experts. We believe that it will be the perfect platform for you to share your thoughts, contribute ideas, and build a strong, learning community.

From this series, you can learn and adopt some automated testing best practices, and we hope that you will maximize your time and effort with better insights. Here’s what you can expect from the first webinar:

  • Reuse test scripts for better test management and maintenance: We will go through different techniques for reusing test artifacts and the usage scenarios for each technique
  • Utilize API for effective test execution: We will discuss different ways to utilize API in your test, for example, generating test data before execution or validating test results

Who should attend?

  • New users who are eager to start with test automation
  • Agile team members, automation engineers, and developers who would like to sharpen their testing skills
  • Those who are keen on catching up with the best practices to optimize their test projects
Katalon Webinar Katalon Webinar Katalon Webinar
Our Experts
Our Experts
Dzung Ngo
Vice President of Product
at Katalon LLC Our Experts
10 years of experience in software engineering, especially software testing. He used to work at various positions: Project Manager, Product Manager, etc. Currently, he's in charge of Katalon Studio product development.
Our Experts
Thai Nguyen
Sales Engineer
at Katalon LLC Our Experts
Previously an Automation Test Engineer, Thai now helps Katalon customers adopt best practices in Automation Testing to facilitate Test Automation Pipeline while delivering business value.