Katalon Webinar

Smart Reporting with TestOps

Katalon TestOps is the open test orchestration and reporting platform that can work with any ecosystem your team or business is using.

To understand how TestOps can help team leads and managers make data-driven decisions faster, watch our quick 10-minute video for a walkthrough of:

  • A smart dashboard for full visibility of the DevTestOps pipeline
  • Sharable reports to keep QAs and developers on the same page
  • Real-time data tracking for fast and accurate debugging
Katalon Webinar Katalon Webinar Katalon Webinar
Our Experts
Our Experts
Coty Rosenblath
Chief Technology Officer at Katalon, Inc. Our Experts
Coty leads the company's engineering teams. In his career as an engineering leader, he has worked in fields including online banking, healthcare, and augmented reality (AR). He is also a hands-on technology leader with experience designing, building, and deploying enterprise software.