Katalon Webinar

What’s New in Katalon Studio 7.6 — Demo and Live Q&A

Following the positive feedback from the Katalon community on our previous product update demo, we are excited to announce a new sharing session on Katalon Studio’s latest version 7.6.

Focusing on the new powerful features added, the webinar will help to better understand how to best utilize these new features, how they help enhance testing, and how to maximize their benefits in testing with Katalon Studio.

In this webinar, our experts will walk you through:

  • Self-healing Mechanism and Immediate Retry: Speed up executions and reduce cost
  • Override Browser Type and Profile in Test Suite Collection: Enhance execution flexibility
  • Fully supported Selector Strategies: Enhance Record/Spy for Mobile testing
  • Custom Keyword Browser and Inline-help: Enable a seamless scripting experience
    … and many more!

Who should attend?

  • Those who are new to Katalon to have an overview of our solutions
  • Those who are eager for Katalon’s latest features and best practices
  • Those who are keen on sharpening their testing skills
Katalon Webinar Katalon Webinar Katalon Webinar
Our Experts
Our Experts
Dzung Ngo
Vice President of Product
at Katalon, Inc. Our Experts
10 years of experience in software engineering, especially software testing. He used to work at various positions: Project Manager, Product Manager, etc. Currently, he's in charge of Katalon Studio product development.
Our Experts
Thai Nguyen
Sales Engineer
at Katalon LLC Our Experts
Previously an Automation Test Engineer, Thai now helps Katalon customers adopt best practices in Automation Testing to facilitate Test Automation Pipeline while delivering business value.
Our Experts
Thanh To
Software Engineer
at Katalon LLC Our Experts
Thanh specializes in delivering features such as Auto Healing Smart XPath that aim to reduce test automation efforts. He is one of Katalon community's most frequent visitors to help users solve automated testing problems.