Katalon integrate Jira
Enable cross-functional teams with full context of all requirements, issues, work items, test cases and their statuses. BDD conventions supported.
Katalon integrate TestRail
Map Katalon Studio’s automated tests to manual tests cases. Easily submit and keep tabs on execution results.
Katalon integrate qTest
Plan, assign, categorize and execute your Katalon Studio automated tests, along with your other manual and explatory test cases.
Open Source
Katalon integrate Selenium and Selenium IDE
Import and run all of your Selenium legacy scripts in Studio. Start fresh with a whole new and simplified experience.
Katalon integrate CI/CD tools such as GitLab, TeamCity, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, circleci, AWS CodeBuild
Connect with the most popular CI/CD systems teams use to run Katalon automated tests and be notified of build status.
Katalon integrate Azure DevOps
Embed Studio’s test automation into your ADO workflow easily with Azure Repos, Pipeline and Test Plans integrations.
Team Collaboration
Katalon integrate Git
Enhance collaboration among your team members with built-in Git integration.
Katalon integrate Microsoft Team
Automatic monitoring alerts with customizable frequency, thresholds and team channels.
Katalon integrate Slack
Stay updated and get real-time notification of all test execution status and activities.
Testing Environment
Katalon integrate Docker
Execute Studio automated tests on a Docker container image with a simple command.
Katalon integrate POSTMAN
Tranfer your API automated tests and Postman collections to run in Studio.
Katalon integrate SAUCELABS
Get access to different browser/OS combinations, mobile emulators & simulators, and real devices.
Katalon integrate SoapUI
Migrate REST and SOAP test request from SoapUI. WSDL files without a service endpoint is also supported.
Katalon integrate LAMBDATEST
Perform automated and live cross-browser testing on 2000+ real browsers and operating systems online.
Katalon integrate BrowserSlack
Run Studio tests on 2000+ browsers and real iOS and Android devices.
Katalon integrate applitools
On-premise and cloud options to leverage AI powered end-to-end visual testing to analyze application pages.
Katalon integrate Kobiton
Extend Studio mobile testing coverage by testing agaisnt hundreds of highly-responsive devices in the cloud.
More done in less time with Katalon.