The need of quickly verifying a stable system whenever it is changed or enhanced is one of the reasons software organizations apply test automation.
That is exactly the problem that Care Logistics (, a subsidiary of healthcare staffing and technology provider Jackson Healthcare, faced before they decided to use Katalon Studio. Care Logistics provides healthcare logistics software and services to hospitals and health centers.
The testing team has created 8,000+ manual test cases to verify the system’s functionality. However, the team must execute all test cases for every major build before deploying. It needs to know whether a test case fails and where the problems occurred.
The team decided to apply test automation and used Katalon Studio. Two test automation developers were assigned to this effort. Their goal was to convert and automatically execute all eligible test cases. Today, using Katalon Studio, the team has over 30% of their product automated; approximately 3,000 test cases. Per Bob Gettings, SVP of Products at Care Logistics.
“The test automation we’ve done saves weeks of manual testing each regression cycle. In fact, a single regression lifecycle has been cut in half. That not only saves meaningful dollars but frees up staff to work on higher valued activities. It also catches product issues earlier vs. manual testing, reducing overall development time getting product to market sooner”
Bob Gettings, SVP of Products at Care Logistics
The Automation team has found some of the following features of the Katalon software useful to them: the flexibility to adapt to address a problem appropriately through the flexibility of the software, the “Debug from here” feature that reduces debugging time considerably, the detailed logs that helps the team detect a defect’s root cause easily and the ability to verify both small issue like typos as well as performance and stability problems.
Hive CPQ configurator ( is a software which allows clients to work together on configuring specific products concerning their line of work. These products can be anything, from fast acting doors to radar transmitters for level measurement. In order for our configurator to work flawlessly it needed thorough testing.
Our team wrote numerous manual test cases about the software and its behaviour but, of course, that wasn’t enough. Like other serious companies we had to cover the entire software with automatic test which were going to be executed on a regular basis. The biggest problem and the biggest loss in a startup product is when we lose a customer. Often, that is because of an untested, error prone software.
Startup companies often proceed fast, without writing any tests, because fast delivery time is more important than quality. Adding a new feature or changing the existing one often leads to regression. To avoid that, we started writing e2e tests, the tool we choose was Katalon and we hit bullseye!
“Katalon studio is a fairly simple, straightforward automation testing tool meaning that you don’t have to have a great programming knowledge in order to write automation test cases. There is also a scripting mode for more advanced users and test cases.”
It allowed us to cover all our major functionalites very fast. Our application is web based Single Page ( Angular 2 ) application. New shadow dom selector from Katalon ( 4.8 ) is a great feature. It's allows us to accurately locate Test Objects in the app.
So, our team started writing test cases in Katalon and so far we’ve almost covered the entire software! Our test cases run smoothly and if some of them fail we can immediately check what went wrong and to correct the errors. Anyway, with Katalon Studio our Hive CPQ configurator is getting better every day in every way.
Hive QA Team,
Tunaiku ( is the pioneer and the largest fintech lending venture in Indonesia. Powered by state of the art data analytic platform for unconventional data credit scoring, Tunaiku is able to serve extremely fast (24 hours) and convenient loan for the bottom of the pyramid. Standing at the forefront of financial inclusion agenda, Tunaiku aims to bring the smile on 200 million faces by 2025.
As a leading fintech venture, Tunaiku must ensure the safety of customers data and transaction information, which means we have to perform streamline security, functional and regression testing constantly. Tunaiku web applications have about 70 fields that end-users can interact and QA team had to perform the field validation manually. Tunaiku wanted to transition into automation testing and implement CI testing with Jenkins and Docker. Tunaiku also needs an automation solution that can generate automation test scripts fast, effective, and compatible with Tunaiku current operating systems.
Katalon Studio was the selected contestant to resolve Tunaiku automation challenges. QA team was able to work with the tool in no time since Katalon Studio is an easy and powerful tool to create automation test scripts for GUI and API testing. Katalon Studio offers Manual Mode and Script Mode for both beginner and advanced testers. At Tunaiky, we think this is an awesome feature for manual testers to learn automation and senior testers to improve automation testing skills. We were able to create our custom code infrastructure as micro-services by using Katalon Studio.
Katalon Studio changes our automated testing method. Before deploying this solution, we used Selenium to build Tunaiku automated testing framework. We couldn’t achieve our target to create automated test scripts in one year.
“With Katalon Studio, I just need 4 months to create automated test scripts for Tunaiku and I think it’s amazing. We also integrated the framework with Jenkins and now Docker with Selenium Grid. Katalon Studio reduced 60% of time creating automated test scripts and we can analyze the result on the cloud with Katalon Analytics.”
Dhicy Ramdhani (QA Engineer - Tunaiku)
Tunaiku team did compare Katalon Studio with other paid tools. To our finding, Katalon Studio requires no cost, completely free, and easy to setup - say goodbye to cruel settings. On top of that, it’s out the box ready integration with other CI tools (Jenkins) to support our CI testing goal. We also find Katalon Studio is stable, light, and more powerful than paid tools. We can custom test with TDD, BDD, DDT and more combination.
Finally, thank you for super resposive customer service to answer out questions and hope Katalon Studio will be leader to change Selenium implementation in a new way.

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