API automation for Testers and Developers
An end-to-end testing solution
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Productive IDE for API automation
Optimize the processes of scripting, debugging, and maintaining tests.
Present the most relevant selections to accelerate your
search speed.
Code inspection
Constantly monitor your inputs and offer fixes
without interruption.
Save your time with prebuilt and customized code templates.
Quick reference
Specifications and sample available for your direct reference.
Speed up ad hoc inspection and alteration of variables, codes, or any other aspects of the runtime environment.
Response viewer
Enhance readability and verifiability of the responses by an elegant auto-formatting style.
Dual scripting interfaces
Suit all team members with various programming skills.
Search function
Intuitive to quickly access test cases, test objects, and keywords.
API testing centric
Support all types of REST, SOAP/1.1 and SOAP/1.2 requests.
Tests can be imported from Swagger, Postman, and WSDL.
Groovy (Java) is a scripting language with abundant libraries to integrate with other test types or set up fixtures.

Write less code with in-request verification. Minimal boilerplate coding required.
Assertion: JSON and XML responses can be accessed easily through jsonPath and xmlPath.
Built to work with modern frameworks
Powerful data-driven testing: Support multiple data sources: XLS, XML and databases with dynamic mapping to maximize test coverage.
The most comprehensive BDD solution with native Gherkin editor, Cucumber-compliant and comprehensive integration with JIRA for BDD lovers and practitioners.
Sustainable and
scalable platform
Enable CI - DevOps practices
Built-in integrations with JIRA, Jenkins, qTest, and Slack.
Local and remote test executions with results synced to Katalon Analytics.
Parallel and sequential executions targeting different environments.
Easy deployment with Docker containers and CLI.
Real-time analytics
Centralize execution history with real-time analytic dashboards. Identify defects faster. Improve testing strategies with quality, performance and flakiness reports.
Minimal maintenance
Reuse test cases, Web services, custom keywords across different projects.

Test profiles for different environment configurations to accommodate various testing stages and releases.

Define test scenarios and execution plans with flexible test suite management capabilities.
Automation is easy!
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