Manage automation results, like you test it manually
Quality insights for your automation tests
Centralize data
Combine and share your entire test execution history, results, log, screenshots and videos with all of your automation agents for better teamwork transparency.
Real-time analytics
Instant dashboards and reports give you a complete picture of test quality.
Identify defects faster
Catch and repair bugs more effectively.
Failed execution patterns are filtered by environments, log, and screenshots to make defects traceable.
Detect test flakiness
Save test running time, prioritize which test case to notice, get reliable test results, and amplify test case necessity with the aging attribute.
Optimize testing strategy
Shorten execution time with intelligent analytics to eliminate irrelevant test suites and focus on high-risk areas.
Enhance teamwork
Comment on test execution results as well as share dashboards and KPIs with your team members and clients.
Explore the next level of test execution reports