Simple yet powerful — for web automation
Selenium IDE-compatible alternative
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Features Built to Enhance Test Automation
Record and Playback
Powerful IDE to record actions and capture web elements. Organize test cases in suites and gain control over test execution speed.
Intelligent Locators
Generate meaningful locators with point-and-click. Reduce effort on inspecting elements and reinforce test stability.
Data-driven Testing
Perform data-driven testing with CSV and JSON formats. Support loop for all values in the data source.
Debugging Mode
Easier debugging with built-in IDE features like toggle breakpoints, screenshot capturing, and logs information.
Test Script Exporting
Export test cases in a wide range of languages and test frameworks: Katalon Studio, Protractor, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, XML, Robot Framework, and more.
Extend the Power of Katalon Recorder with Features in Katalon Studio


More options to debug precisely and quickly


Access to a variety of plugins and integrate with many other tools

Action Keywords

Rich sets of built-in keywords and options to create advanced custom keywords

Data-driven Testing

Extend data-driven testing options to even more file formats


Scale up your projects with smart dashboards and analytics
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