Setup Project

Built-in project templates
Provides project templates for organizing test cases, object repository and keywords

Web, mobile, API testing
Fully supports Web, Android, iOS and API testing on all operating systems

SDLC integration
Easy to integrate with Jenkins, GIT, JIRA, and qTest with native plugins

Provides project templates for organizing test cases, object repository and keywords

Create Tests

Generate tests automatically
Records actions on Web & Mobile to generates scripts with hundreds of built-in keywords

Dual editor interface
Builds advanced scripts with IDE or customize steps with tabular interface easily

Code assist utilities
Useful built-in object spy, code completion, in context reference, refactoring helper to make scripting more enjoyable

Records actions and generates scripts automatically using built-in keywords

Execute Tests

A powerful test execution mechanism
Runs/Debug test cases or test suites using multiple configurations and data sets

Flexible execution engine
Runs test at any step on multiple browsers and devices locally or with cloud services

CI/CD readiness
CLI and command line generator enable CI/CD and DevOps practices

Dynamic failure handling and auto re-execution
Includes run-time rules to automatically handle complex execution flows

Provides CI integration console with various parameters for remote execution

Report and Debug

Multiple report formats
With advanced logging, debug data, screenshots and videos

Customizable execution workflow
Customizable post execution workflow to notify, submit bug or process the execution results

Intelligent reports with Katalon Analytics
Dashboards, flaky metrics and coverage execution results to improve automation strategy

Multiple reports, advanced logging and screenshots

Test Maintenance

Test object maintenance
Automatically updates all associated test cases and suites when objects are changed

Test organization
Allows easy management and maintenance of tests, data and keywords

Extendable automation capability
Imports external libraries to improve the automation functions beyond Selenium and Appium limit

Allows easy management and maintenance of tests, data and keywords


Windows macOS Linux Chrome Firefox Safari IE Edge Android iOS Headless


Git JIRA qTest Kobiton Slack Sauce Labs BrowserStack Selenium Grid

Supported Automation Test Solutions
and Technology Matrix


Keyword-Driven Testing

Prebuilt with hundreds of keywords cover both web, mobile and API testing


Data-Driven Testing

Support dynamic datasource via CSV, Excel and DBs or using Katalon Studio test data management


TDD/BDD Testing

Compose any Feature files using JIRA add-on and sync to Katalon Studio, assisting users to automate the scenario easily


API Testing

Support REST and SOAP in combination with functional automation to perform end-to-end testing


Page Object Model

Scalable POM implementation with Test Object Repository and Custom Keywords to increase the maintainability and reusability


Test Management

Test cases can be stored in flexible folder structure. Test artifacts and keywords are managed automatically to maximize reusability


Test Case Recording

Generate automated test case on any modern browsers and mobile OS using Katalon Recording Utility


Advanced Scripting

Dual scripting editor with tabular and IDE interfaces equipped with code highlight, code completion, snippets and debug mode


Cross-browser Testing

Test suite can be configured to run on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge and Headless browsers


Parallel Execution

Test suite can be executed on multiple browsers or devices locally or via cloud services like SauceLabs, BrowserStack and Kobiton



Execution result includes detailed logs, screenshots and videos


Extension & Customization

Users can build custom keywords or import external libraries (Sikuli, Galen) to extend the capability of the framework


SDLC Integrations

Native integrations with Git, qTest Manager, JIRA, Slack, Emails let users embed Katalon Studio into project workflows


CI Integration

Support command line interface, CI integration via JUnit format report and Docker image


Advanced Reports

Katalon Analytics with historical and quality reports. Execution results can be exported in multiple formats


Supported Technologies

Supported modern web technologies like HTML5, Shadow DOM, Angular, etc. and latest OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

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