Katalon Studio | The #1 Codeless Automation Tool
Single Tool. Multiple Purposes.
Web, API, mobile, and desktop test automation. Deploy on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Easy to Use. Robust to Expand.
Codeless experience for beginners. Infinite testing extension for experts.
One Platform. Global Market.
100K+ companies. 160+ countries. Hundreds of GitHub repositories and online courses.
Productive IDE to Generate Automated Tests Easily
For all platforms and OSs, regardless of application complexity
Set Up Projects
Built-in project templates
Start immediately with ready-made templates, test case libraries, keywords, and object repositories.
All kinds of end-to-end testing in one place
Uniquely perform web, mobile, API, and desktop testing – all in a single project.
Create Tests
Accurate object spying
Efficiently locate, detect, and store test objects to speed up your scripting process.
Powerful recording utility
Effortlessly generate tests. Automatically store all UI elements to maximize reusability.
Dual-editor interface
Easily build advanced scripts with IDE or customize steps with our tabular interface.
Code-assist utilities
Make scripting enjoyable with built-in object spying, object refactoring, code completion, and in-context reference.
Advanced debugger
Speed up ad hoc inspection and alteration of variables, codes, or any other aspects of the runtime environment.
Efficient test artifacts management
Share test cases across projects. Easily maintain test objects with refactoring capabilities.
Robust built-in and custom keywords
Rich set of built-in automation keywords for fast scripting. Limitless capabilities extension with custom keywords.
Comprehensive BDD solution
Native Gherkin editor. Cucumber-compliant and seamless integration with Jira for BDD users.
Flexible test listener
Control test execution workflows for data manipulation, logic customization, information logging, and debugging.
Dynamic data-driven testing
Supports multiple data sources (XLS, CSV) and databases with effective mapping to maximize test coverage.
Smart Runtime Engine to Increase Automation Efficiency
Improve test quality, maximize test coverage, and save maintenance costs
Leverage AI-powered XPath options to locate objects, auto-heal during runtime, and adapt to UAT changes.
Resolve timing issues in Selenium. Essential for both codeless and scripting automation approaches.
Test scheduling and batch operations
Multiple methods to set up the proper execution process and maximize your resource utilization.
Enable CI/CD integration
Katalon supports native plugins for the most popular CI tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, TeamCity, and more.
Built for Continuous Testing
Seamlessly integrate Katalon into your ecosystem and transform automated testing into continuous testing

Industry Ratings

Deployment OS
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
macOS 10.11+
Linux (Ubuntu 14+ tested)
Web Platform
Google Chrome 58+
Firefox 56+
Safari 9+
Internet Explorer 9+
Microsoft Edge
Headless browsers
Mobile Platform
Android 6+
iOS 9+
Cloud Services
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