Keyword-Driven Testing
Prebuilt with hundreds of keywords that cover all web, API, mobile, and desktop testing.
Customize your own custom keywords for more advanced testing requirements.
Dual-editor interfaces for both recording and scripting approaches.
Leverage keywords external libraries to extend your testing capabilities.
Page Object Model Testing
Support building test scripts with Page Object Model (POM) standard.
Flexible code reuse across multiple projects.
Easily control the execution workflow with the Test Listener feature.
Leverage parameterization in the Call Test Case feature to reuse existing test cases.
Data-driven Testing
Support dynamic data sources via CSV, Excel, and databases or through Katalon Studio internal data.
Support data type binding for test case scripts, as well as test objects and web services request attributes.
Support data snapshot capturing to verify changes during the execution process.
Support Global Variables binding to easily manage test scripts in different development stages.
TDD/BDD Testing
Build Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) feature files and test scripts right in Katalon Studio via Cucumber extension.
Flexibly execute BDD scripts using Katalon Studio test case, test suite, and test suite collection structures.
Compose feature files in Jira and synchronize to Katalon Studio to automate test scenarios easily.
Send execution results to Jira in real-time, allowing for an instant feedback loop for early adjustment.
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