Test mobile Web, iOS and Android apps
A cross-platform, cross-device automation solution
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Ready-to-use mobile automation framework
Simple automation setup
Bundled with required components and prebuilt keywords to start your mobile automation project in no time.
Support the latest mobile platforms and devices enabled by Appium, taking advantages of the Appium-based rich and active ecosystem.
Optimized cross-functional testing
Maximize automation efficiency with reusable test objects and scripts across API, Web, and mobile platforms.
Productive test automation
Powerful object spying utility
An efficient locator for detecting and storing objects to speed up the scripting process.
Robust recording utility
Effortlessly generate tests with the mobile recorder. Automatically store all UI elements to maximize reusability.
Dual scripting interfaces
Suit all team members with various programming skills.
Device configuration management
Easy-to-set-up desired capabilities feature that simplifies device configuration management.
Cross-environment execution
Tests can be executed locally and remotely with real devices, simulators or cloud-based devices.
Built to work with modern frameworks
Powerful data-driven testing: Support multiple data sources: XLS, XML and databases with dynamic mapping to maximize test coverage.
The most comprehensive Cucumber-compliant BDD solution with native Gherkin editor, and smooth integration with JIRA.
Sustainable and
scalable platform
Enable CI - DevOps practices
Built-in integrations with JIRA, Jenkins, qTest, and Slack.
Local and remote test executions with results synced to Katalon Analytics.
Parallel and sequential executions targeting different environments.
Easy deployment with Docker containers and CLI.
Real-time analytics
Centralize execution history with real-time analytic dashboards. Identify defects faster. Improve testing strategies with quality, performance and flakiness reports.
Minimal maintenance
Reuse test cases, Web services, custom keywords across different projects.

Test profiles for different environment configurations to accommodate various testing stages and releases.

Define test scenarios and execution plans with flexible test suite management capabilities.
Automation is easy!
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