Technology partners
A technology partnership with Katalon will allow your organization to drive more business values and expand your reach to our user base of hundreds of thousands of testers.
Katalon will provide support in technology integration, promotion, and branding campaigns—so that both of us can achieve collective success together.
Expand your reach
Introduce your services and solution to hundreds of thousands of engineers from 65,000+ companies across 160+ countries.
Integration support
Get support on integration with automation. Katalon will provide libraries, guides, and documentation to build integration with minimal investment.
CI/CD support
Build up your expertise in CI/CD with technical assistance from Katalon team.
Business partners
Become our software reseller, earn commissions, and get exposed to a thriving network of Katalon users.
Katalon will provide exclusive offerings in reselling, marketing, and branding to help you optimize your interaction with potential clients.
Marketing collaterals
Everything you need such as product evaluation, demonstration, and training purposes to promote Katalon products to your customers.
Co-branding initiatives
Let your brand image be known. Discover new business opportunities via cross-marketing activities such as webinars, press releases, emails, newsletters, and more.
Reseller discount programs
Bronze to gold business partners are eligible for the flexible reseller tier discount program.
Become Our Partner
Our Current Partners
KMS Technology
KMS is a leading provider of software development, testing services, and consulting. KMS works exclusively with independent software vendors (ISV) to accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions and make offshore outsourcing more effective.
KMS Solutions
KMS Solutions works with the best software companies across the globe to bring the most advanced and innovative technologies to the Asia region. They help organizations achieve business goals through world-class fit-for-purpose solutions and proven industry best practices.
Kobiton is a powerful platform that lets companies create a perfect mobile test cloud. Kobiton gives developers and businesses access to the real mobile devices they want and manage the devices they own.
Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs ensures apps and websites work flawlessly on multiple environments. Optimized for CI/CD and DevOps, Sauce eliminates the time and expense of maintaining an in-house testing infrastructure, allowing teams to innovate and release better software faster.
Perfecto enables exceptional digital experiences. We help you transform your business and strengthen every digital interaction with a quality-first approach to creating web and native apps, through a cloud-based test environment called the Continuous Quality Lab.
CircleCI allows teams to rapidly build quality projects, at scale. Our mission is to give people everywhere the power to build and deliver software at the speed of imagination.
LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that helps in both manual and browser compatibility testing. The platform allows users to perform live interactive testing and run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based Selenium grid.
Founded in 2011, TestingBot's aim is to provide a simple to use system for cross browser testing. By taking advantage of the power of cloud computing we can quickly scale to your needs.
Applitools provides an AI-powered end-to-end visual testing and monitoring platform for Developers, Test Automation, Manual QA, DevOps, and Digital Transformation teams. The tool tests web and mobile applications across any device, browser, OS, or native application.