Katalon Automation Recorder – Powerful Selenium IDE to record, debug, play tests in any browser

Dear testers!

Katalon Studio team are excited to introduce our new Katalon Automation Recorder extension for Chrome and Firefox. This Extension was the champion project of Katalon Studio Hackathons contest.

What is Katalon Automation Recorder?

Katalon Automation Recorder was developed to support users who no longer be able to record and playback automation tests using the obsolete Selenium IDE or users of popular open source frameworks looking for a handy recorder. The extension is compatible with Chrome and latest Firefox browsers and we will continue the development to support the newer versions.

Katalon Automation Recorder vs Selenium IDE

You can use the extension to capture web elements and records actions on web applications to generate test case easily. The intuitive interface allows users to edit, debug and play test cases & test suites quickly.

Selenese scripts generated by Selenium IDE can also be loaded into Katalon Automation Recorder and export to popular languages and formats: C# (NUnit), Java (TestNG and JUnit), Ruby (RSpec), Python (unittest), Groovy (Katalon Studio), and Robot Framework.

The extension can be used as a recording utility for users to quickly convert manual test case into preferred language script and imported into advanced IDE for advanced conditions, dynamic validation or to be executed with external data sources.

1. Toolbar

Katalon Recorder main toolbar contains buttons to help you to manage web recording process.
Katalon Recorder main toolbar

Katalon Recorder main toolbar table

2. Test case explorer

The Test case explorer view displays the structure of the test suite and its test cases, helping users to organize, browse and quick access to any test cases. Drag and Drop functionality is supported to help users organize test suites or test cases.

Context menu
Right-click on selected test suite or test case to view the context menu. By using the context menu, users can create new test suite/test case, rename or remove.
Katalon Automation Recorder Test Cases

Opening and Saving
Katalon Automation Recorder supports open and saves Test Suite. To save or open Test Suite, right-click at preferred Test suite to select from context menu.

Katalon Automation Recorder Test Suite

3. Test case window

Katalon Automation Recorder will display recorded test script in the test case window as shown below. It displays command and its parameters in table format. Users can also Drag and Drop any test step to organize the test case.

Katalon Automation Recorder Test Case Window

Add, Delete, Delete All, Execute helps users to manage the test case window such as add new test step, delete all test step, or execute at a specific step in the test case.

Command, Target, Value display information of currently selected command. This entry field is modifiable. Command text field will display a drop-down menu to suggest command based on the entering characters.

Katalon Automation recorder command

4. Console and Reference

Console and Reference

The Console Log Viewer shows the real-time report/log of the test execution. All execution errors message, information message and execution progress is displayed here.

The Reference tab displays the detail documentation of selected command. It helps users to ensure the correct types and the number of parameters for the command.

5. Editing Test Case

Katalon Automation Recorder allows user to edit any recorded commands or added new command at any point in the steps.
To edit select the step to be changed and edit it using the Command, Target, and Valuefields.

Editing Test Case

6. Exporting Test Case

Click Export on the main menu, an Export Test Case as Script window will be shown as below.

Select preferred Language and Framework.
Click Copy to Clipboard to copy or Save as File to save automation test scripts to local drive.

Exporting Test Case

Generated test scripts can be enhanced with advanced conditions, dynamic validations and test data with Katalon Studio ( Katalon Studio enhances Selenium and Appium with a complete test automation framework to help you start testing in no time.

Please visit our forum for discussion. Feedback and bug report are welcome.


Katalon Team.

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