Katalon Studio 7.0 beta is here!

Katalon Studio 7.0 beta

The beta version of Katalon Studio 7.0 is ready for trial. This version is developed with a whole new set of features, including desktop application testing, smart execution, and more.

Katalon Studio 7.0 (beta) is a package of newly added features that are aimed at solving the common problems that occur in large teams. Refer to our release note to discover the improvements and bug fixes in this version. 

The package of Katalon Studio 7.0 (beta) comes with a host of new features:

Smart execution

The smart execution feature — or Smart Wait — ensures the web application under test load completely before running the next steps. This will address the struggle of being unable to interact with web elements, which is the main cause of flakiness in test results. 

Smart Wait is handled by Katalon Studio’s core engine without adding any additional scripts. It will ultimately accelerate the testing speed, increase test performance, and reduce your maintenance effort.

Desktop application testing

Katalon Studio 7.0 supports Windows 10 desktop application testing. This means less learning curve, less integration, and less deployment effort to test multiple end-to-end platform applications.

Test suite collection reports

Katalon Studio 7.0 comes with the test suite collection reports view, giving you the overview of your test quality while using parallel execution at the same time. Your test suite collection reports can be exported into HTML formats.

Console log customization

To avoid unnecessary resource consumption and enhance the capability of customizing console logs, in Katalon Studio 7.0, you can enable or disable logs of executed test steps. 

SSL client certificate

This is built for those with restricted network policy so that they can bypass the certificate validation and continue testing with Katalon Studio. For requests in API/web services projects, Katalon Studio can send requests with SSL client certificates.

Private plugin capabilities

You can develop and distribute custom plugins without having to upload them to Katalon Store. Being able to create private plugins allows you to expand your testing coverage and specific needs while retaining the confidential aspect of your projects.

Test artifacts sharing

Collaboration made easy with test artifacts sharing capability starting in version 7.0. You can import and export any test cases or test objects from one project to another. Katalon team believes this feature will promote collaboration among team members, and give total control and flexibility over the project in constantly changing environments.

Katalon Studio Licensing Model

Starting from version 7.0, Katalon Studio will be activated using a license file that is generated with the associated computer ID (node) when you log in. 

Katalon Studio 7.0 will be released in two separate versions: Katalon Studio (KS) and Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE). 

The standard Katalon Studio version continues to remain free of charge with required online activation and quota limitations. Katalon Studio Enterprise license can be activated online or offline.

You can learn more about the features and capabilities of each version here.

To trial the full-feature Katalon Studio 7.0 beta version, click here. For Enterprise pricing, please contact business@katalon.com

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