Make Test Reports Insightful and Actionable

Integrate with frameworks you love. Centralize data. Connect DevOps.
Seamlessly Integrate with Common Testing Frameworks
Visualize your test results simply by integrating with your framework or environment of choice, no complex setup required.
Centralize Everything, Enhance Collaboration
Manage all your requirements and defects in one place. Give your team full visibility with shareable and actionable results analysis.
Real-time Data Tracking for Fast and Accurate Debugging
Get readable and detailed reports on execution logs and screens for your tests. Quickly detect the root causes of regression bugs or any rising issues.
Get the Full Picture of Quality
Leverage out-of-the-box analysis of coverage, test flakiness, and dashboards to report on vital metrics to your coding and objectives across all testing stages.
Centralized Reports, Visibility For All Testing Stages