A Smart and Serverless Solution for Continuous Testing
Test Planning
Efficient test planning with Dynamic Suite
TestOps smartly prioritizes the essential tests, so that you can optimize your test cycle while maintaining high quality.
Maximize resources and drive ROI
Effective planning mechanism to maximize server usage, improve environment coverage, and ultimately increase your ROI.
Schedule with various methods for faster feedback
Trigger execution with scheduler, API, and CI plugins to get instant feedback – so that you can repair incidents as soon as possible.
Execution Grid

A unique serverless solution

TestOps takes care of all your execution infrastructure and scalability. Skip the deployment and maintenance steps to make more room for innovation.

Hybrid infrastructure to improve coverage

Leverage cloud environments to execute tests without any setup effort. Quickly build on-premise agents for specific purposes.

Parallel execution to speed up as you grow

Execute on multiple devices at once to easily scale your execution processes, improve test coverage, and shorten the delivery cycle.
Instant end-to-end feedback loop for your CI/CD pipeline
Advanced Reports

Centralized data. Enhanced teamwork

Boost team transparency with shareable test results from all agents. Communicate better with comments, dashboards, and KPIs tracking.

Holistically manage quality and performance

Oversee product quality and performance from overview to detail with insightful reports. Customized dashboards as your requirements.

Control and optimize team performance

Various reports to monitor test cases, status, and execution time. Easily track team performance and detect performance anomalies.
Monitoring and Alert

Real-time data tracking for accurate debugging

View full reports on execution logs and screens during the running process. Easily detect the root causes of any rising issues.

Make decisions faster with live monitoring

Instant feedback on codes, test scripts and application quality to help you make adjustments in tough situations.

Customizable alerts for more efficient control

Get notifications under your defined conditions and thresholds. Manage your systems without undergoing continuous follow-ups.
AI Analytics

Recognize UI elements like human – only better

Keep test scripts stable under rapid AUT changes with visual-based testing so you can act on insights and save time on test maintenance.

Prioritize essential tests to run

TestOps smart-selects the most important tests to execute using machine learning. Identify incidents as early as they appear.

Detect failure root cause with data clustering

Quickly identify failed execution root causes to take corrective actions with AI clustering analytics. Save tons of investigation time and effort.
Seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem
Jira Agile Integration

Continuously sync up test artifacts

Empower Agile teams with continuous releases, requirement and test case sync-up. Execution results and defects are automatically submitted to Jira.

Oversee full quality coverage

View dashboards from both Katalon and Jira to quickly manage the coverage of release, requirements, and test cases.
CI/CD Integration

Seamless integrations with trendy CI tools

Jenkins, Bamboo, and Azure DevOps native plugins. Integrate automation tests into your CI/CD pipeline within a few steps.

Easily manage your pipeline

Return standard JUnit results to CI tools for synthesized reports. Your progress is manageable in both Katalon and CI tools.
Your automation journey starts here.