Using Katalon Studio for test automation, Care Logistics saves meaningful dollars,
frees up their staffs and also cuts down the regression testing lifecycle by 50%.
Their Story
Healthcare logistics software and services for hospitals and health centers
Care Logistics provides healthcare logistics software and services to hospitals and health centers. They work with the hospital partners to implement breakthrough approaches to achieve and sustain dramatic results in patient care quality, experience, and throughput.
Care Logistics
Verifying the stability of system
The need of quickly verifying a stable system whenever it is changed or enhanced is one of the reasons software organizations apply test automation. That is exactly the problem that Care Logistics faced before they decided to use Katalon Studio. The testing team has created 8,000+ manual test cases to verify the system’s functionality. However, the team must execute all test cases for every major build before deploying. It needs to know whether a test case fails and where the problems occurred.
Care Logistics
Their Solution
Applying test automation
The team decided to apply test automation and used Katalon Studio. Two test automation developers were assigned to this effort. Their goal was to convert and automatically execute all eligible test cases.

The Automation team has found some of the following features of the Katalon Studio useful to them: the flexibility to adapt to address a problem appropriately through the flexibility of the software, the “Debug from here” feature that reduces debugging time considerably, the detailed logs that helps the team detect a defect’s root cause easily and the ability to verify both small issue like typos as well as performance and stability problems.
Their Success
Increasing efficiency and productivity in test automation
Using Katalon Studio, the team has over 30% of their product automated; approximately 3,000 test cases.

The tool helps them to save meaningful dollars, frees up their staffs and also cuts down the regression testing lifecycle by 50%.
Care Logistics
The test automation we’ve done saves weeks of manual testing each regression cycle. In fact, a single regression lifecycle has been cut in half. That not only saves meaningful dollars but frees up staff to work on higher valued activities. It also catches product issues earlier vs. manual testing, reducing overall development time getting product to market sooner.
Bob Gettings
SVP of Products, Care Logistics
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