Fintech lending venture
Tunaiku is the pioneer and the largest fintech lending venture in Indonesia. Powered by the state-of-the-art data analytic platform for unconventional data credit scoring, Tunaiku can serve extremely fast and convenient loans for the bottom of the pyramid. Standing at the forefront of financial inclusion agenda, Tunaiku aims to bring smiles on 200 million faces by 2025.
The Challenge
Performing streamline security, functional and regression testing
As a leading fintech venture, Tunaiku must ensure the safety of customers’ data and transaction information, which means they have to constantly perform streamline security, functional and regression testing.
Tunaiku web applications have about 70 fields that end-users can interact while the quality assurance team used to perform the field validation manually. Tunaiku wanted to transition into automation testing and implement CI testing with Jenkins and Docker. Tunaiku also needed an automation solution that can generate automation test scripts effectively, and can be compatible with Tunaiku’s current operating systems.
The Solution
Creating automation test scripts for GUI and API testing
Katalon Studio was the selected contestant to resolve Tunaiku’s automation challenges. The quality assurance team was able to work with the tool to create automation test scripts for GUI and API testing in a short amount of time.
Tunaiku was able to customize their own code infrastructure using Katalon Studio. The tool also offers manual and script modes, making itself feasible for both manual testers who want to learn automation and senior testers who aspire to improve automation testing skills at Tunaiku.
The Success
Creating automated test scripts faster and analyzing results in the cloud
Katalon Studio has changed Tunaiku’s automated testing method. The company managed to create automated test scripts within only needed four months. They can also integrated Katalon Studio with Jenkins and Docker with Selenium Grid.
Katalon Studio has reduced 60% of the time creating automated test scripts; and Tunaiku can now analyze their results in the cloud with Katalon TestOps.
Katalon Studio requires no cost, completely free, and easy to setup - say goodbye to cruel settings. On top of that, it’s out the box ready integration with other CI tools (Jenkins) to support our CI testing goal. We also find Katalon Studio is stable, light, and powerful than paid tools. We can custom test with TDD, BDD, DDT and more combination. Finally, thanks for super responsive customer service to answer our questions and hope Katalon Studio will be leader to change Selenium implementation in a new way.
Dhicy Ramdhani
QA Engineer, Tunaiku
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